Review: Acoustasonic 90 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Fender, a top musical instruments manufacturer, has been in business since 1946, and still strives to be a fundamental part of the modern day music. The Acoustasonic 90-90 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is one of their creations and is ideal for acoustic guitarists who need a lightweight, compact, affordable and powerful amplification. With its 90-watt power amp, high-frequency tweeter, and low-frequency woofer, it packs stage-worthy performance into a lightweight and versatile combo.

The player-centric features like the smart feedback elimination circuit, XLR inputs and outputs and lush special effects make this amplifier a great tool for a studio or stage.

Positive Aspects

It’s lightweight (18lbs) yet gives a good sound. Since most performances are in small rooms, the Acoustasonic 90 does the trick, but even in settings that are somewhat bigger, the little guy still puts out a clear, clean and warm sound. Additionally, Fender’s amp factors several onboard effects like chorus, reverb, delay, vibrotone and more. Performers can carry it anywhere and easily set it up – what they love about it.

The Acoustasonic 90 is rugged. It’s made from a durable five-ply hardwood which cuts the cabinet down for reverberation and also produces a solid tone.

You can have an instant solo public address by plugging both a microphone and a guitar into the Acoustasonic 90 amp. The 2-channel performer provides you with independent control over each input; therefore, you can balance your guitar and vocal perfectly. If you’re playing on bigger stages, you’ll appreciate the balanced XLR direct out, which allows you to utilize the amp as a monitor while pumping your signal out to the house public address.

Pretty basic user channel allows you to dial in the tones quickly.

Additional ideal features are; optional two-button effects and a typical Fender cosmetic treatment with chrome hardware and brown textured vinyl covering.

Negative Aspects

Not practicable for a high output mic as it gives feedback very quickly. It’s somewhat better to buy a cheaper low output dynamic microphone because the built-in preamplifier gain on this amp is cranked too hot. With an impressive mic, you can only put it to about three before the feedback begins. So if you get this amp, be aware that it’s useful, but if you’re looking for a powerful and well-rounded vocal, you won’t get it here. It’s only ideal for small events. For large concerts, it’s better to run a direct box into the house public address and use a floor monitor.

The 90 watts seem like an exaggeration. It’s not loud enough to fill a room bigger than your living room. It’s way too weak for a public performance. Besides, the instrument channels are decent, but not useful in any way.

Mixed reaction on sound quality.


The amp is small, lightweight, but big enough to carry a respectable speaker. The Fender Acoustasonic 90- 90 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is more than adequate for small to medium sized clubs or venues hosting 100-250 people. It’s ideal for events, home studio, and performances.

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