Review: Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 Modeling Guitar Amplifier

The Line 6 Amplifi 75 is a must have music system for modern homes. With a complete integration of wireless streaming, it enables you enjoy quality music without having to clatter your sitting room. It has features that allow you enjoy your favorite music with more ease. Apart from enjoying your music indoors, it can also serve you well as a public address if you are hosting a small party in your homestead. It is light in weight therefore moving it around is so easy. Recording your music is also made possible since it is has an USB interface. With its wireless remote, it makes it easy to control your music from your android or iOS.


Comes with a Bluetooth speaker- it is a great speaker for connecting your Bluetooth devices. This will allow you enjoy music from any room of your house especially if you like deep low tones. The Bluetooth system enables the speaker to fill every part of your house with the music. You do not have to keep moving the speakers from one room to another. The blue tooth does the magic for you.

Tone editing- This amplifier will allow you enjoy your music on different tonal variations. It has an easy to edit feature that gives you the freedom to edit your music and enjoy different tones. With this capability you can create your own playlist and match different guitar tones. It enables you balance different sounds from your guitar and music creating a range of tones for your music library.

Ease of finding playlist- It makes it very easy to find your custom made playlist and share it with your social circles. You can easily share the tones you have created through different social media platforms. This enables top contributors to be recognized through rating. Therefore you can request for your favorite sounds.


Sound Quality-If you want to enjoy your music through wireless devices, you can only keep it on low volume especially if you want to spread the music to other rooms in your house. If you play the music at a high volume, the sound quality is interfered with. This limits those who prefer their music at high volumes.

Play list. The ability to recognize your songs is limited to your iPhone or hydroid only. It does not recognize those saved in your internet or on your cloud playlist.

Limited effects- This system may not be adequate for music lovers who wish to enjoy more than four effects at a go. It is only limited to four effects at a go. The same limitation is extended to the Bluetooth if line six amplifiers are in use within the same place.


If you are looking for an amplifier that is unique and exceptional the Ampli is definitely the one. For someone learning to play the guitar this will be a great companion. With its attractive colors it attractive colors it harmonizes well in your living room or bedroom without disrupting the themes in your home.

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