Review: Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier

The Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier is a perfect rehearsal tool for artists at any level, who want to polish their jamming skills. With more than 100 endless jams laid down by top Los Angeles and Nashville session players, from country to funk, blues to punk, these backing tracks are perfect inspiration and accompaniment for composing, practicing or simply having fun with your guitar. Besides, it can give you an experience of playing with a pro band.

It has a built-in multitrack Looping recorder that stores up to 28 minutes of sound and a 1/8th Aux input for your iPod and microphone, so you can record your song ideas without ever touching a computer.

It’s an utterly fantastic little 75 Watts amp, filled with 12 amp models and seven Smart sound effects. You can load up any Spider Jam’s 400 presets and rock Line 6-exclusive Endless Jam Engine.

Positive Aspects

Like any other amp in Spider 3 family, Spider Jam has numerous of rock star certified presets, smart control effects, 12 unique amp models, and a built-in tuner. The amp is packed with numerous rock star sounds – an ideal practice tool.

Spider Jam owners get free access to the Spider Online, a one-of-a-kind online resource providing more than 500 guitar lessons, jam tracks, amp tones and much more. You get to watch top artist videos dialing in their signature sound, spark new inspiration with jam tracks, drum loops and drum-and-base recorded by platinum artists, plus hundreds of tones to be downloaded.  The lessons cover all styles and genres and include audio samples, tabs, and tones. Spider Online is free for owners of any Spider amplifier; Spider Valve, Spider Jam, Micro Spider and Spider I-IV.

The tracks aren’t computer generated; you’ll feel your pulse racing as you’re jamming with top players in killer tunes. Your recorded creations push out of a 2” tweeter and a 12” Celestion Custom speakers. With this, you can spend less time tweaking and more time playing with Smart Control FX. Get the effect you need, adjust the knob to desired intensity and you’re set to go.

Negative Aspects

You must use a two-gig or smaller memory card, or it will reboot if you try to save on a bigger SD card. And considering there are very few places to find the small SD cards, it can be quite a challenge.

It’s difficult to use. It records nicely, but it’s hard to figure out how to record the microphone and guitar input at the same time.

You can turn the presets and looper on the fly with the shortboard, but you must set foot pedal in the record mode on, and when FBV is in the recording mode, you have to turn it back to channel mode so as to switch various guitar tones.


Apart from the few things that they could do better, Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier is exciting, especially with the looper and presets, and the endless ways you can tweak your tone. It works well and can be a great inspirational source for an upcoming artist.

Review: Line 6 AMPLIFi 75 Modeling Guitar Amplifier

The Line 6 Amplifi 75 is a must have music system for modern homes. With a complete integration of wireless streaming, it enables you enjoy quality music without having to clatter your sitting room. It has features that allow you enjoy your favorite music with more ease. Apart from enjoying your music indoors, it can also serve you well as a public address if you are hosting a small party in your homestead. It is light in weight therefore moving it around is so easy. Recording your music is also made possible since it is has an USB interface. With its wireless remote, it makes it easy to control your music from your android or iOS.


Comes with a Bluetooth speaker- it is a great speaker for connecting your Bluetooth devices. This will allow you enjoy music from any room of your house especially if you like deep low tones. The Bluetooth system enables the speaker to fill every part of your house with the music. You do not have to keep moving the speakers from one room to another. The blue tooth does the magic for you.

Tone editing- This amplifier will allow you enjoy your music on different tonal variations. It has an easy to edit feature that gives you the freedom to edit your music and enjoy different tones. With this capability you can create your own playlist and match different guitar tones. It enables you balance different sounds from your guitar and music creating a range of tones for your music library.

Ease of finding playlist- It makes it very easy to find your custom made playlist and share it with your social circles. You can easily share the tones you have created through different social media platforms. This enables top contributors to be recognized through rating. Therefore you can request for your favorite sounds.


Sound Quality-If you want to enjoy your music through wireless devices, you can only keep it on low volume especially if you want to spread the music to other rooms in your house. If you play the music at a high volume, the sound quality is interfered with. This limits those who prefer their music at high volumes.

Play list. The ability to recognize your songs is limited to your iPhone or hydroid only. It does not recognize those saved in your internet or on your cloud playlist.

Limited effects- This system may not be adequate for music lovers who wish to enjoy more than four effects at a go. It is only limited to four effects at a go. The same limitation is extended to the Bluetooth if line six amplifiers are in use within the same place.


If you are looking for an amplifier that is unique and exceptional the Ampli is definitely the one. For someone learning to play the guitar this will be a great companion. With its attractive colors it attractive colors it harmonizes well in your living room or bedroom without disrupting the themes in your home.